What to expect?

At the webinars, the participants will engage in intensive training on applying digital tools and materials in language teaching. The diverse online activities and materials are carefully prepared by the DC4LT team will allow the participants to test their digital skills, improve their competences, and exchange their knowledge and practices.

What's new in the second series?

For the Second DC4LT Webinar Series, we prepared more practical and hands-on activities for our participants! We will run some of the most successful workshops from the first series again and introduce new topics! Most webinars are supplemented with pre-recorded video lectures and additional materials.

Who should attend?

The DC4LT Webinar Series is designed primarily for language teachers who are interested in improving and sharing their skills and practices in using digital tools and materials. The webinars are also highly relevant for instructional designers, content designers, entrepreneurs and researchers working in the area of computer-assisted language learning.


calendar image October 04-08
[vc_message]The time of the webinars is given in Central European Summer Time (UTC+1). Convert it to your time zone using e.g. this tool.[/vc_message]


Learn about Google Workspace for Education
[vc_message]Watch this short video where we explain how we will use the Google Workplace for Education in the webinar series.[/vc_message]


Discord logo and link to join
[vc_message]Please, create a Discord account. To join the DC4LT server on Discord, follow this link: DC4LT server on Discord.[/vc_message]


[vc_message]Please, install Zoom before joining the webinars. The links to join will be sent to all registered participants.[/vc_message]


The time of the webinars is given in Central European Summer Time (UTC+1). Convert it to your time zone using e.g. this tool.

04.10.2021 πŸ“… 11:00 CEST

07.10.2021 πŸ“… 11:00 CEST

08.10.2021 πŸ“… 11:00 CEST


The registration form will ask you to login with your private gmail address or your Google workspace organization address. Such an address is required to access our Google Education Workspace.

Read more about the email address requirement by Google on this page.