The webinar is organized by DC4LT in partnership with the 13th International Conference on Innovation in Language Learning. The webinar is open to all participants of the conference, but also to anybody interested in the topic.

What to expect?

At the webinar Digital Skills, Assessment, and Training for Language Teachers, the participants engage in three interactive sessions, each beginning with a presentation of original research done in the DC4LT project and finishing with a discussion.

Who should attend?

The webinar is designed primarily for researchers working in the area of computer-assisted language learning. The event is also highly relevant for language teachers and instructional designers who are interested in improving and sharing their skills and practices in using digital tools and materials.

Free online participation

Participation in the webinar is free of charge. However, a simple registration is required. A link to join the webinar will be sent to all registered participants by email prior to the event.

Please, note that the registration in this webinar will not give you access to the Innovation in Language Learning conference. A separate registration will be required to attend the conference.


Friday, 13 November 2020

09:30 Central European Time

Digital Competences for Language Teachers Survey


In this talk, we will present the results of the digital competence assessment survey for language teachers. The survey assessed how language teachers use digital technologies, their attitude towards these technologies, their related skills and competencies, their satisfaction and required improvement, and the institutional support they receive.  We will also briefly present the results of a review of European and selected national policies related to the digital skills of language teachersThe results of the policy review are connected to the results of the job market study for language teachers. The study was conducted in 11 countries to check if the policies in digitalization and education have a direct impact on language teaching jobs. 


10:00 Central European Time

Digital Competence Assessment Framework and Tool for Language Teachers


In this talk, we will present a new digital competence assessment framework specifically designed for language teachers. The design of the framework is based on a survey of assessment frameworks and methods available to assess teachers’ digital competence. The Digital Competence Assessment framework for Language Teachers provides a general reference frame for developers of digital competence models for language teachers. The framework is accompanied by an assessment tool that can be used the language teachers who wish to assess their digital competences or find guidance to develop them.


10:25 Central European Time

Organizing Online Training of Digital Competences for Language Teachers


In this talk, we will present the results of our ongoing work evaluating and selecting learning theories, training methodologies, and techniques most needed by language teachers. We are designing an optimal model for language teachers to develop digital competences and skills.