We are team DC4LT

The Digital Competences for Language Teachers (DC4LT) team has experience in technology-assisted language learning, development of open educational resources, learning analytics tools, mobile adaptive, personalized and collaborative learning and assessment.

Team DC4LT

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DC4LT strategic partnership

DC4LT is strategic partnership of five partner organization that will provide a standard of excellence in e-Language teaching within a three-years project funded by the EU. It brings together internationally renowned institutions that will apply their expertise in research, development and teaching into a set of new tools and professionally designed materials to help improve digital competences of language teachers.

NTNU team has expertise in technology-enhanced learning, designing innovative learning tools, designing digital OERs for language learning, building online platforms to support communities of practice and consortium management. NTNU has a strong teacher education center.

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UoM and its SMILE research team has expertise on the intersection of Computer Science, Technology-Enhanced Learning and Technology Enhanced Language Learning. Their expertise among other lies in ICT and specifically in Language Learning Methodologies, Training and Instructional Design, development of language MOOCs and OERs, Personalized Learning & Assessment, Learning Analytics/Recommendation Systems and Mobile Learning.

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PIXEL has expertise in the field of language Learning, Teaching and Training and European Language Networks. PIXEL is the organiser of high level international events: ICT and Language Learning Conference, The Future of Education. PIXEL has a long experience (over 75 projects) and an extensive network with cooperative agreements and partnerships with over 500 institutions.

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CUT has expertise in language teaching and teacher training, focusing on language for specific purposes, the use of Computer Assisted Language Learning, digital Language Curriculum and Materials Development and Evaluation, Computer Assisted Language Assessment and Testing, and blended and online teaching. This is reflected in their blended teaching of seven languages at tertiary level and teacher training, using variety of technologies and platforms, as well as in their research.

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ITMO has expertise in language teaching, ICT, software development and interdisciplinary research. ITMO University organises Annual Global English for Specific Purposes Conference that attracts hundreds of participants from Europe and beyond. ITMO is known for innovative approaches and a wide use of ICT in teaching English. They developed an academic program for gifted children and became the first higher education platform for English Access program, which aims at providing English learning opportunities for the children from underprivileged families.

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