Digital Competence Assessment Survey for Language Teachers


In this survey, we ask you to assess your digital competences and skills in using technologies in language teaching. This is a unique opportunity to provide your insights and opinions as input to the development of an assessment framework for digital competences of language teachers and a set of training materials.

Why this survey

The European Commission is promoting various initiatives aimed at increasing training of digital skills, modernizing education across Europe, harnessing digital technologies for learning and for the recognition and validation of skills, and anticipating and analyzing skills needs. Despite several European initiatives promoting digital skills, the current level of digital competences among Europeans is rather low. Starting from education, there is an urgent need for digital skills teaching and learning, including the training of teachers. Many recent surveys reveal that there is a lack in digital skills among teachers. This is especially true for language teachers. In addition, many teachers are not using technology to its full potential and this is due in part to inadequate teacher training. In DC4LT, we aim to address these challenges, and facilitate the development of digital competences of language teachers.

Who should answer

The survey is designed primarily for language teachers, but also for administration staff, policy makers and other stakeholders who are directly or indirectly involved in language teaching at any level, at any type of organization and in any place in the world.