Technology Overview for Language Teachers

This is an open webinar. Registration is not required. Zoom link will be published here.

Practical information

The workshop is scheduled for 17 March 2021 at 13:00 Central European Time. Full program >>

The session will be open to everyone. However, registration is required to participate in the practical webinars. Registration >>


Tord Mjøsund Talmo

Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Daria Zhukova portrait photo

Daria Zhukova

ITMO University, Russia

Antonio Giordano

Pixel, Italy

Mikhail Fominykh portrait photo

Mikhail Fominykh

Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway



In this open workshop, we will give a general overview of 20 technologies most commonly used in language learning. For each of the technologies, we will present what it is and most importantly how it is used for the basic language learning activities speaking, writing, listening, and reading. In some cases, we will present best practices and give examples of popular tools. We will collect comments from the participants during the presentation and will discuss them in the final part of the workshop. Participants will have a chance to ask questions and share their experience applying different technologies.

Learning Objectives

  • Get an overview of 20 technologies most used in language learning
  • Learn about best practices of using each of these technologies
  • Get examples of popular tools for each of these technologies
  • Reflect upon the usefulness of digital technologies in language learning