Welcome to your TechKnowledgeProf

You have knowledge of a very good range of software and devices that is needed for administration or organisational communication with colleagues and learners (managing time, tasks etc.)

You have knowledge of the most technical aspects and uses of most digital devices i.e data projectors, interactive whiteboards (IWBs) and software for preparing advanced language material (i.e creating media, audio and video files, and embedding images)

You have knowledge of information management (find, save, store, access and share) at a very good level level

You have knowledge of main uses of digital equipment, mobile devices, the internet and relevant software to support blended language learning

You have knowledge of suitable digital technologies to address particular language learning needs & learning situations in face to face and online language learning environments including social media

You have knowledge of netiquette, ethics, safety , privacy and security issues (digital identity, resources) at a very good level