Creation & Sharing of Language OERs via Webquests 2.0 Activities

This is a practical webinar for registered participants only.


The workshop is scheduled for 23 March 2021 at 13:00 Central European Time. Full program >>

The workshop will be open only to the registered participants of the DC4LT webinar series. The number of participants is limited. Registration >>

The topics of language OERs and Webquests 2.0 activities are covered in two different webinars of the second DC4LT webinar series:

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Maria Perifanou

University of Macedonia, Greece



This workshop aims at promoting the creation and sharing of language OERs via Webquest 2.0 activities which are based on a collaborative and inquiry-based methodology and are facilitated by web 2.0 tools. The training session consists of two parts:

a) In the first part, the participants will be introduced to the theory of OERs and to the format of a Webquest 2.0 activity.

b) In the second part, the participants will explore selected Web 2.0 tools and will work in small groups in order to create and share their own language OERs in different formats on the topic of “Safer Internet for students”. The proposed OERs that will be created by the participants will address the different language needs of their students.

The session will conclude with the presentation of the artefacts produced by each group and the participants’ final feedback.

Learning Objectives

  • learn how to create and share language OERs
  • learn how to use web 2.0 technology
  • learn in practice what webquest 2.0 activities are
  • learn about task based learning & inquiry based learning
  • learn basic rules about safety in Internet (security)
  • learn how to work in collaboration online